Feed your web-shop, online catalogue, comparison site with rich product content.


What we do

We provide access to the ICECAT catalogue RESTful service.

Customizable feeds

Create, adjust and update your feeds so they meet your needs.

Multiple formats

The content is delivered in XML, JSON and CSV.

Simple and powerful platform

A flexible user-friendly interface allows importing any kind of data.

Open Icecat Catalog

Open Icecat is a worldwide unique open catalog with product data-sheets in co-operation with high tech sponsoring brands and online channel partners. It contains more than half a million datasheets of IT, CE, Telecom, DIY, Beauty, Toys, Lighting, FMCG and Office areas.


More info

Manage your feeds

Create, change and update customizable feeds which deliver the content you need. A vast range of settings and filters combined with a user-friendly interface makes the process simple and pleasant.

Output options

A choice of multiple output formats allows receiving the content in the most convenient way.

Our sponsors

Icecat is supported and sponsored by more than 400 world-known manufacturers. Some of the “whales” are: HP, Lenovo, ASUS, Sony, Philips and many others.